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News that’s fit to print

So, I’ve been a bit lax recently about telling everyone what we’ve added to the store.  I thought I would take a few minutes and see if I could shine a little light on that.

The bourbon section is growing steadily and at both ends.  I have added several bottles that are quite nice and easily affordable.  A quick list of those would include the Old Forester 100 proof, Evan Williams White Label 100 proof, and Pennypacker will join them next week.  In the next tier, we have added an entire new line of Smooth Ambler products that includes a 7yr old bourbon, a 10yr old bourbon, an 8yr old single barrel bourbon, a 7yr old rye, and a 7 yr old cask strength rye.

The craft beer has taken a huge jump and there are really too many to list now.  We’ve added two offerings from Lagunitas, two from Founders, two from Bell’s (with two more coming next week), and a couple from Dogfish.  There are at this moment at least five different pumpkin ales and several additional Octoberfests.  The IPA selection has grown exponentially over the summer and we are starting to order the stouts and porters for the fall and winter months.